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Railfan’s guide to Vienna, Austria

My visit to Vienna was stop number two on my trip across Europe, and only lasted a day and a bit, so I didn’t get much time to look around the city. None the less, here are a few suggested places for a railfan to visit.

Tail end of the train load of Austrian Leopard 2 main battle tanks Continue reading

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Zeitinsel – a safer tram stop in Germany

In Germany trams are called ‘Straßenbahn>’ and the places they stop are called ‘Haltestelle’ – which come in a number of different designs. The ‘Überfahrbare Kaphaltestelle‘ (traversable Kaphaltestelle) is the one of most interest to someone from a tram network such as Melbourne.

Traversable Haltestellenkap in Kassel Continue reading

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