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Vladimir Putin’s private railway stations

For heads of state around the world private aircraft are a common model transport. But for Russian president Vladimir Putin, he also has a private armoured train, and a network of private railway stations. Photo by Mikhail Korotkov The train […]

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Sochi construction before the 2014 Winter Olympics

My visit to Sochi was during the leadup to the 2014 Winter Olympics, so the city was in a state of flux. Cranes soared into the sky. As new apartment blocks took shape. As well as new hotels. Adding to […]

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Sochi and the multidimensional theatres

Sochi is a popular resort town on the Black Sea coast of Russia, and like anywhere tourists flock to, so do the gimmicky tourist traps – however a game of one-upmanship is afoot.

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Travelling across Russia: Sochi to St Petersburg by train

On our travels through Europe at the end of 2012, the longest rail journey we made was the 2300 kilometre, 45 hour long ride across Russia, from sunny Sochi on the shores of the Black Sea to snow covered Saint Petersburg beside the Gulf of Finland. So what did I see out of my train window?

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