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Exploring Saint Petersburg’s abandoned Varshavsky station

During my stay in Saint Petersburg, I tried to visit the collection of Russian trains at the Oktyabrskaya Railway Museum, but it was closed for the New Year holiday. However my venture to the outskirts of the city was not in vain, as the unguarded remains of Varshavsky vokzal (Varshavsky station) was still there to explore.

Looking down the abandoned platforms to the main station building Continue reading

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Confused by Saint Petersburg’s many railway museums

On my visit to Saint Petersburg a visit to the local railway museum was on my itinerary, but the city doesn’t make it easy – there are three separate museums, each catering to a difference facet of Russia’s railways. So how do you tell them apart?

Collection of locomotives at the south end of the museum Continue reading

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Ventilation shafts of the Saint Petersburg Metro

The Saint Petersburg Metro is located deep underground – so how do the 2.15 million passengers per day who use it get fresh air?

Escalators down to platform level at Nevsky Prospekt (Не́вский проспе́кт) station on Line 2 Continue reading

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Admiralteyskaya – Saint Petersburg’s deepest metro station

Continuing on my theme of the world’s deepest metro stations, this time I visit the second place holder at 86 metres below ground – Admiralteyskaya in Saint Petersburg.

Mural at platform level at Admiralteyskaya (Адмиралте́йская) station on Line 5 Continue reading

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Supermarket shopping in Russia

During my visit to Russia, I spent a number of days at the same place in Saint Petersburg, so I hit up the local supermarket for some provisions.

'хлопья Завтраки' (breakfast cereal) aisle in a Russian supermarket Continue reading

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Shopping at Ulmart – Russia’s answer to Amazon.com

Ulmart (Юлмарт) is a Russian retail chain selling computer hardware, digital and consumer electronics. Open 24 hours a day, each store is nothing like a retail store in the West, as I discovered when I visited one of their stores in Saint Petersburg.

Юлмарт (Ulmart) store in Saint Petersburg Continue reading

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Travelling across Russia: Sochi to St Petersburg by train

On our travels through Europe at the end of 2012, the longest rail journey we made was the 2300 kilometre, 45 hour long ride across Russia, from sunny Sochi on the shores of the Black Sea to snow covered Saint Petersburg beside the Gulf of Finland. So what did I see out of my train window?

Hoards of passengers board a northbound train from Sochi Continue reading

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