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Crossing international borders by train

When I travelled across Europe by train, I crossed a few international borders. Some were simple, but others were more involved. The uneventful My first border crossing by train was on my journey from Germany and Austria, and it was […]

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Bizzare narrow platforms on the Bucharest Metro

The Bucharest Metro is a rail network with an interesting history, with the bizarrely narrow platforms at Piața Romană station being one example. Photo by Dimitris Kamaras from Athens, Greece, via Wikimedia Commons The bulk of the platform being less […]

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A whistle stop tour of Sinaia railway station, Romania

As I travelled across Romania by train, the railway station at the mountain resort of Sinaia in Prahova County caught my eye. Photo by Andrei Stroe, via Wikimedia Commons Căile Ferate Române 4-6-0 steam locomotive 230-039 was plinthed outside the […]

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A familiar looking face on the Ploiești Tramway

The tramways of Romania usually don’t get much attention from transport enthusiasts of the English-speaking world, but this Tatra KT4D tram in Ploiești, Romania did. Photo by Smiley.toerist via Wikimedia Commons Thanks to the colour scheme – a copy of […]

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Graffitied trains on the Bucharest Metro

When I rode the metro system in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, there was one thing that struck me about the trains – how graffiti covered they are.

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Passenger trains of Romania

I only spent a couple of days travelling through Romania, but I did manage to photograph a wide variety of the passenger train fleet that operates across the country.

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Finding your way on the Bucharest Metro

If you ever visit the capital of Romania, then getting around on the Bucharest Metro can be a pain thanks to poor signage and misleading maps.

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Overcrowding on the Bucharest Metro

As I travelled across Europe, I spent plenty of time exploring the metro networks of each city I visited. I’m not sure how I did it, but I managed to avoid the overcrowded peak hours, at least until I visited Bucharest – capital of Romania.

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Staying the night at Brasov railway station

When arriving into a new city late at night, the last thing you want to do is traipse all over town in an attempt to find your hotel. I found myself in this situation when travelling to the Romanian city of Brașov, but my solution didn’t quite work as well as planned.

Street frontage of Brașov railway station Continue reading

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Budapest to Bucharest by train

Our rail journey from Budapest in Hungary to Bucharest in Romania was a long one, because we made a pit stop in Transylvania to see Dracula’s Castle. So what did we see along the way?

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