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Want a career on the Moscow Metro?

If you have ever wanted to work on the Moscow Metro, going out applying is easy – there are posters scattered all over the network.

Ornately decorated central passage of the platform, with chandeliers above Continue reading

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Traffic lights and Russian trams

Where trams and road vehicles co-exist on public roads, special traffic lights are often provided to give them priority at intersections, and Russian cities are no different.

ЛМ-99 tram number 3304 waits at a set of traffic lights Continue reading

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When bike paths meet a railway level crossing

Recently I asked myself the question – how does a bike path cross a railway? When a road does the same thing, a level crossing has to be built – but I had to look to the Netherlands to see what a level crossing for bikes looks like.

Railway level crossing in the Dutch town of Maastricht (photo by Mark Ahsmann, via Wikimedia Commons) Continue reading

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Building blocks of a Soviet metro station

In cities of the former Soviet Union such as Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kiev, you will find an metro networks filled with ornately decorated underground stations, none of which look the same. But if you look a little deeper at the strcture of each, you will find that each of these stations actually have a common set of building blocks that they all follow.

Ornate decorations at platform level Continue reading

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Electric trains, trams and trolleybuses on movable bridges

The Russian city of Saint Petersburg is a located across a collection of islands, divided by the Neva River, and reconnected by a series of lift bridges that allow boats to head upriver. So how do electric trains, trams and trolleybuses make their way across?

Disused tram tracks across Trinity Bridge (Тро́ицкий мост) over the River Neva Continue reading

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Inspection crews on the Russian Railways

On my way across Russia by train I spent hours staring out the window at the passing scenery, and in that time I found plenty of railway staff looking just as intently at the tracks.

Walking the tracks with a measuring gauge Continue reading

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Track workers of the Russian Railways

As I travelled by train across Russia, one of the things that stood out was how often I’d find workers lineside, busy repairing the tracks.

Stereotypical workers: leaning on their shovels, as they wait for our train to pass Continue reading

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Moscow Metro train depots

Every railway needs somewhere to store and repair their trains – and the Moscow Metro is no different. On my visit I travelled past one of these facilities – the электродепо (electric train depot) at Фили (Fili) on the Filyovskaya Line.

Looking across the Moscow Metro depot at Фили (Fili) Continue reading

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Underground trains and forced air ventilation, Russian style

On metro systems all across Russia trains don’t have air conditioning, yet no matter how crowded they get, a gale of air somehow gets blown into the saloon as soon as the train departs the station. So how do they do it without electric fans?

Arriving train at a suburban Moscow Metro station Continue reading

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Rapid acceleration on the Moscow Metro

When I first travelled on the Moscow Metro, there was one thing that took me by surprise – the rapid acceleration and deceleration was almost enough to knock me off my feet!

Train streaks out of the platform Continue reading

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