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How do trains change to daylight savings time?

Timekeeping is something that railways take seriously – but what happens to trains when the clocks changes from ‘normal’ time to daylight savings, and an hour is either lost or gained? Germany Deutsche Bahn cancel trains due to run in […]

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A familiar looking face on the Ploiești Tramway

The tramways of Romania usually don’t get much attention from transport enthusiasts of the English-speaking world, but this Tatra KT4D tram in Ploiești, Romania did. Photo by Smiley.toerist via Wikimedia Commons Thanks to the colour scheme – a copy of […]

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Australian souvenirs in Russia at «Kangaroo»

Russia may be a crazy country, but there is one thing I never expected to see in a St Petersburg shopping mall – a shop selling Australian themed souvenirs called «Kangaroo».

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A flying visit to Rostov-on-Don

While headed from the Ukrainian capital of Kiev to the Black Sea resort of Sochi, we had to change trains in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but we did find an interesting fried chicken shop.

Укрзалізниця (Ukrainian Railways) and РЖД (Russian Railways) trains at Rostov-on-Don Continue reading

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Adelaide’s trams and their Frankfurt connection

Over in Frankfurt I spent some time photographing the straßenbahn network. On seeing tram below, my thoughts went back to the Australian city of Adelaide, where almost identical trams are in service. So how are the two related?

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