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I’m Marcus Wong: train nut, amateur photographer, and software developer. I live in Melbourne, Australia having grown up an hour down the road in Geelong.

This blog was started as a spinoff from my main blog at http://wongm.com/ to avoid filling it up with photo essays after my 2012 trip to Europe. So what do I like writing about?

  • Trains, both current and historical, including the gory technical details
  • Other transport: freeways, buses, ferries and ships
  • Finding the answers to questions that I have

All photos on this site have been taken my myself, except where specifically noted (and there will be a link back to where I borrowed them from).

I aim to publish a new post every two weeks – if you want to be alerted when I do, check out the ‘subscribe via email’ panel to the right, follow me on Twitter, or like my Facebook page Euro Gunzel.

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