Using a railway carriage as a bridge

I stumbled across this interesting scene via Facebook recently – what looks like a retired railway carriage being used as a bridge. So what is the story behind it?

Squatting Slavs In Tracksuits‘ on Facebook

Thankfully the person who shared the post initially included the location – Győr, Hungary – and people in the comments mentioned that the bridge is found on the campus of Széchenyi István University.

Over on their website, they had a photo of the bridge soon after it was installed in 1975 at what was then the ‘Transportation and Telecommunication Faculty of Technical Sciences’.

Photo via

But as the years went on, the bridge was looking a little worse for wear.

Photo via

So it was renovated in 2004, receiving a fresh coat of blue paint.

Google Street View

Inside the bridge, it looks exactly like a railway carriage.

Photo via

But it’s all just a trick – the crossing is just a normal bridge, dressed up to look like a railway carriage.

Google Street View

As you can see on this video tour.


Railway equipment manufacturer Rába is also based in Győr, and assisted with the project.

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