Modelling the railways of Romania in N scale

I’ve written about 1:160 N scale model railways here before, this time I’m going deeper down the rabbit hole of obscure prototypes and looking at the railways of Romania and state operator Căile Ferate Române.

Ready to run

These models are ‘ready to run’ out of the box, and don’t require any work on the part of the modeller.

CFR Nachtzug “Dacia” carriages
Manufacturer: Fleischmann #814401

CFR Nachtzug “Dacia” carriages
Manufacturer: Fleischmann #860702

CFR “EC Venezia” carriages
Manufacturer: Trix #18254

Paid 3D models to print

A number of websites allow users to upload 3D models for others to print at home on their own 3D printers.

CFR Class 65 diesel locomotive
Cults 3D store : Supman

Free 3D models to print

As well as the paid 3D models found above, some generous users have uploaded their 3D designs for free download by anyone.

Electroputere EA 060 electric locomotive
Thingiverse user: Bogdanko

Further reading

Other than the N scale models I’ve directly linked to above, here are a few more links to people modelling the railways of Romania in other scales.

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