Technical platform «Troitse-Lykovo» and tunnel station «Д»

The Moscow Metro has 250 stations across the network, as well two bizarre ones not included in that total – technical platform «Troitse-Lykovo» and tunnel station «Д». Just a carriage long and with bare concrete walls, they are a strange sight – so why do they even exist?

Some background

The story starts during the westward extension of the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line from Krylatskoye to Strogino. A new housing estate established in the 1970s, the area remained isolated for many years, until the decision was made in the 2000s to extend the Moscow Metro as part of the North-Western Tunnel project – a combined road and rail route beneath the forest park of Serebryany Bor.

The total tunnel length is 3,126 meters, with two main tunnels of 13.75 meter diameter, and a 6 meter central service tunnel linked via regular cross passages.

Work on the project started in 2005, with the metro extension to Strogino opening to passengers in 2008.

However the extension also created of the longest section between stations on the Moscow Metro – 6.6 kilometres, which takes 7 minutes 42 seconds to traverse.

As a result two ventilation and emergency access structures were required to break up the tunnel – technical platform «Troitse-Lykovo» and tunnel station «Д».

Technical platform «Troitse-Lykovo»

Named for the small village of Troitse-Lykovo located nearby, here the tunnel features a 200 long section of straight track, allowing future conversion into a station if required.

A 26 metre long platform was also provided beside one track.

With steps down to track level.

And another flight of steps leading upwards.

On the other track, a much simpler steel platform was created inside the running tunnel.

These two platforms are linked to a central chamber housing a traction power substation, electrical and signalling equipment rooms, and a staircase to the surface.

Leading to the ground level ventilation building.

However in the years since Troitse-Lykovo was completed, the only passengers to use the platform are metro staff attending to equipment at the underground complex, who exit via the cab door of passing trains.

The chances of a proper station being constructed at Troitse-Lykovo have also dropped, with a proposed future stage of the Rublyovo–Arkhangelskaya line featuring a Troitse-Lykovo station located 1.5 kilometres west of the technical platform.

Tunnel facility «Д»

Tunnel facility «Д» is located at the southern end of the North-Western Tunnel, where the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya metro line diverges from the Krasnopresnensky Prospect motorway. It consists of two two curved platforms, one per track and approximately 50 metres long.

The official name of this location varies depending on who you talk to – the Moscow Metro electrical department calls it «308» after the traction substation, while the traffic department calls it «PK-183» for the track datum, and «Д» comes from “point D” in the design diagrams for the North-Western Tunnel.

The section of track is a concrete box section, located on the lower deck of the combined road and rail tunnel.

On leaving the shared road and rail tunnel, the railway transitions to smaller bored tunnels.

Cable ducts lead upwards.

The platform is designated level −10.

Cable tunnels, electrical and signalling equipment rooms are located on level -9, with a traction power substation located at level -3.

Level -8 is an incomplete staff office and future lift shaft.

And from level -8 a single flight of stairs leads to the surface.

Unlike technical platform «Troitse-Lykovo», tunnel facility «Д» has not been designed for conversion into a future passenger station, with the tunnel design and track curvature unsuitable for passenger operations.


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