Catching the train to Domodedovo Airport

I ended my epic rail trip across Europe in Moscow, so what better way to get to my flight home than to catch the ‘Aeroexpress’ train to Domodedovo Airport.

Aeroexpress EMU ЭД4М-0408 awaits departure time from Paveletsky railway station

I started my journey by catching the Moscow Metro to Paveletsky railway station.

Main entry to Paveletsky railway station

Bought my ticket from the machine.

Ticket office for the Aeroexpress train at Paveletsky railway station

And boarded a train.

Aeroexpress type ЭД4М EMU at Paveletsky railway station

The next platforms over were full of long distance trains.

Many of Russia's railway carriages carriages still use coal fired boilers for heating

Upon departure, we passed rail freight yards.

Gantry crane in the Paveletskaya freight yard in Moscow

Towering apartment blocks.

Fields of apartments in Moscow's southern suburbs

Elektrichka trains running suburban services.

Commuter train at Rastorguyevo platform on the Paveletsky direction of the Moscow railway

Until we left Moscow behind.

Railway bridge over the Pakhra River (Пахра́) south of Moscow

Passing fields of dachas.

Dachas near the Pakhra River (Пахра́) south of Moscow

High voltage power lines.

Electrical transmission lines outside Домодедово (Domodedovo)

And level crossings galore.

Steel plates prevent cars driving around the level crossing

We ran express through Домодедово station – which serves the town, not the airport.

Railway staff at Домодедово (Domodedovo) head off to clear more snow

Our train then diverged onto the branch line towards Domodedovo Airport.

Crossing railway tracks outside Домодедово (Domodedovo)

We overtook a snowmobile rider.

Snowmobile scoots along the railway access track

Then soon entered the airport grounds.

Transaero Airlines head office on the grounds of Domodedovo International Airport

Then arrived at Domodedovo Airport itself.

Passengers arrive at Domodedovo International Airport by train

The station being directly connected to the airport terminal.

Waiting in front the airport departure boards

Then a few hours later, I boarded my flight home to Australia, with Qatar Airways via Doha.

Waiting at the gate, Qatar Airways A321-231 rego A7-AIA

A note on the trains

Way back in 2012 the Aeroexpress used ЭД4М electric multiple units to operate the service to Domodedovo Airport.

Aeroexpress EMU ЭД4М-0408 awaits departure time from Paveletsky railway station

They now use updated ЭД4МКМ-АЭРО trains.

And ЭШ2 double deck trains built by Stadler.

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