Moscow Metro trains on display

Plenty of cities have railway museums filled with old trains on display, but on the 80th anniversary of the Moscow Metro they did something different – they brought the museum pieces to the people.

Wikimedia Commons has more about the exhibition.

To mark the 80th anniversary of the Moscow Metro, from 15-19 May 2015, two exhibitions of unique rolling stock of the metro took place on the centre track at Партизанская (Partizanskaya) station.

During the first exhibition, on May 15 and 16, decommissioned historic cars were displayed at the station, which were stored for the future exhibition at the Metro Museum and restored at the beginning of the exhibition. During the exposition, cars of types A type No. 1 (motor car) and 1031 (trailer), G No. 530, UM5 No. 806, D No. 2037, E No. 3605 and a battery-powered electric locomotive VEKA-001 were presented.

During the second exhibition, held on May 18 and 19, service and maintenance vehicles were exhibited at the station.

Type ‘A’ motor carriage 1 and trailer 1031.

Type ‘D’ carriage 2037.

Type ‘E’ carriage 3605.

Type ‘G’ carriage 530.

Moscow Metro sump pump vehicle ЗУМПФ 06.

КМП-65М railway crane №4.

МКЗ-01 track fixing machine.

УМ5 track measurement car 806.

Maintenance railcar AS1-19.

Battery electric railcar ВЭКА-001.

And АГМС diesel shunting locomotive №983.


Partizanskaya station is one of two three-track Moscow Metro stations, the other is Полежаевская (Polezhayevskaya).

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