Rubber stamping Russian restaurant menus

As I travelled across Russia, there was peculiar on the menu at every restaurant I ate at – each page had a rubber stamp on it.

ресторан sign on the roof

Featuring what seemed to be the name of the restaurant, and a signature.

Official looking stamp on a Russian restaurant menu

So why stamp each page?

Another Russian restaurant menu with a stamp on every page

The only reason I could think of was to prevent fraud, but I could only find one reference to restaurant menu seals online, in an article on Russian Railways dining cars.

Each dining car has an approved menu with prices and list of dishes, but I have not seen a single dining car which works on this way – the directors print their own menu, forge the seal on it and work on it, of course the prices are 30- 50% higher from this menu.

So who is responsible for approving the restaurant menus?

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