Switching from right to left on the Wiener Straßenbahn

Trams on the Wiener Straßenbahn run on the right hand side just like every other road vehicle in Austria, but there is one exception – the elevated tracks of line 26.

E1 tram 4830 and trailer heads up Kaiserstraße at Westbahnstraße

Opened in 2013, the 4.7 kilometre long extension of tram route 26 links the U1 station at Kagraner Platz with U2 station at Hausfeldstrasse, running on a viaduct between Laaer Ostbahn and the Wiener Nordrand Schnellstraße.

With an elevated island tram stop at the Gewerbepark Stadlau industrial park.

Vienna uses unidirectional trams, which have doors on one side only.

ULF-B tram 635 passes a older E class tram and C class trailer combo at Westbahnhof

Which requires trams to run through the island platform on the left hand side.

Trams switching from right to left at the Süßenbrunner Str/Oberfeldgasse stop.

And then back again at the Forstnergasse stop.


Here is the view from route 26 tram – 3:35 to 7:10 covers the section of left-hand running.

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