How the TGV has shrunk France

Here is an interesting find – graphs comparing the reductions in travel time to cities across France, thanks to the introduction of the TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) high-speed rail network.

Crossing between a TGV South-East and a steam train near Montereau (in the territory of the municipality of Saint-Germain-Laval) May 24, 1987
Photo by Didier Duforest, via Wikimedia Commons

Travel times in 1957.

And fifty years later in 2007.

The graphs were created by Anne-Aël Durand and Gary Dagorn using data from the SNCF’s Open Data platform, and were published in the Les Décodeurs section of French newspaper Le Monde as “Comment le TGV a rétréci la France” (How the TGV has shrunk France).

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