Russian level crossings bite back!

As I travelled across Russia by train there was an interesting feature at every level crossing we passed through – massive steel plates that lifted out of the roadway, preventing cars from driving around the boom gates.

These level crossings bite back!

Some level crossings also had a gatehouse located alongside.

Russian Railways staff give the all clear as we pass a level crossing - Воля, Воро́нежская о́бласть (Volya, Voronezh Oblast)

With a gatekeeper on duty.

All clear from this Russian level crossing gatekeeper in the village of Сенцово (Sentsovo)

Ready to wave ‘all clear’ to the train as it passed by.

Yellow paddle for 'all clear' from the level crossing gatekeeper

But even steel plates aren’t enough of a deterrent to some motorists who want to race across the tracks.

And unfortunately they wont protect you if the level crossing suffers a ‘wrong side’ failure, and doesn’t trigger for an approaching train.

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