Circular station vestibules in Russia

Russian metro stations are best known for the ornate design at platform level, but the entrance vestibules back at ground level can also be quite amazing.

This is the original entrance to Park Kultury station, opened along with the first phase of the Moscow Metro in 1935.

Looking across the road to a Moscow Metro entrance vestibule

The vestibule building is an ornate rotunda.

Circular entrance rotunda on the Moscow Metro

Housing a pair of curved staircases inside.

One way traffic up a staircase on the Moscow Metro

Continuing the theme is the Saint Petersburg Metro, which has a collection of 1960s stations that share the same circular entrance vestibule design.

Park Pobedy station of Saint Petersburg Metro (photo by Florstein, via Wikimedia Commons)
Photo by Florstein, via Wikimedia Commons

the work of architects A.S. Getskin and V.P. Shuvalova. Three remain today: Park Pobedy, Elektrosila and Frunzenskaya.

The fourth example was Gorkovskaya station, which has since been rebuilt.

Station vestibule at Gorkovskaya (Го́рьковская) station on line 2

Originally opened in 1963, in 2009 the original circular concrete ‘bunker’ that houses the station centre was replaced something at looks more like a UFO!

Station vestibule at Gorkovskaya (Го́рьковская) station on line 2

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