Animal themed trains of Europe

Trains named for cute animals – during my time in Europe, I found two rail operators who did just that.

Double decked CityShuttle 'Wiesel' train operated by ÖBB departs the station with the loco on the rear

The first was the weasel on the side of ÖBB ‘CityShuttle’ trains in Vienna, Austria. From German language Wikipedia:

The ÖBB Nahverkehrs-Doppelstockwagen (commuter double-deck cars) are a double-decker commuter carriages were built in 1995 and are the backbone of transport in the eastern region of Austria. The province of Lower Austria decided to provide the ÖBB with financial support for the purchase of the first series of double-carriages. In return all vehicles of this series were equipped with a “weasel” logo.

'Wiesel' logo on a ÖBB double deck commuter carriage
Photo by ÖBB399, via Wikimedia Commons

While I found a dog on the side of a train south of Moscow, Russia.

«рэкс» (Rex) train stabled in the yard at Домодедово (Domodedovo)

From Russian language Wikipedia:

«рэкс» (REX: Region Express) is a company operating commuter express trains in the Moscow Region, established by the Central Suburban Passenger Company and Aeroexpress in 2011.

And from a article on rail operator Aeroexpress (Russian language):

The high-speed trains had a logo – a dog, as well as a corporate colour – blue. According to the designers, a new visual solution will allow the brand to break away from the stereotype of “green elektrichka” (electric trains).

Photo via

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