Riding the Kiev Funicular

Funicular railways seem to be quite common in European cities, and the Ukranian capital is no different. The Kiev Funicular is a 238 meter long railway opened in 1905 that links the top and bottom of a hill.

Bottom station of the Kiev Funicular

Here is the bottom station.

'П' (right) car waiting at the bottom station

A ticket office and barriers control access.

Ticket office and barriers at the bottom station

The track heads straight up the hill.

Waiting for the bottom station for the next train

The cars are marked ‘Λ’ (left) and ‘П’ (right).

'П' (right) car heads back up the hill

Passing each other at the central crossing loop.

'Λ' and 'П' cars pass at the central crossing loop

A drivers console is located each each end – this is the downhill cab.

Drivers console in the 'downhill' end cab

Each carriage has a stepped passenger saloon.

Inside the stepped passenger saloon of a carriage

The stations also having stepped platforms.

'Λ' (left) car stopped at the upper station


A model of the Kiev Funicular is on display at the upper station.

Model of the Kiev Funicular on display at the upper station

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