Ретропоезд – the heritage trains of Russia

In Russian there is a word for old time trains such as steam engines – «Ретропоезд». It roughly translates to “retro train”, and on my visit to Russia, I stumbled upon a handful of them.

View of Leningradsky station from Komsomolskaya Square

In Saint Petersburg I visited the October Railroad Museum (Музей Октябрьской железной дороги), which held a collection of over 80 steam, electric and diesel locomotives.

Collection of locomotives at the south end of the museum

While in Moscow at the railway yards outside Kiyevsky railway station, I spotted steam locomotive ЛВ-0192 hidden among much more modern electric locomotives.

Steam locomotives parked beside modern electric units

And on the Moscow Metro I stumbled upon a replica of an 1934-vintage train in passenger service.

Replica of the original 1934-vintage Moscow Metro train in service


From time to time steam trains operate on the mainline railways of Russia – they are operated by a private company called «Проект Ретропоезд» (Project Retropoezd).

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