Playing it safe on the railways of Russia

On the railways of Russia I saw plenty of signs warning against walking on the tracks, but it appears that nobody pays any attention to them.

Crossing the tracks at Казинка (Kazinka) railway station

Walking through the middle of a railway yard? Check!

Early morning stroll through a Russian railway yard

Walking across the tracks, while more interested in your mobile phone? Check!

Crossing the tracks, but more interested in his phone call

Herding goats along the tracks? Check!

Russian man herds goats beside the railway tracks

Standing on the tracks as a train passes on the other track? Check!

Waiting to cross the tracks at Еле́ц (Yelets) railway station

Even racing the train with a snowmobile? Check!

Snowmobile scoots along the railway access track

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4 Responses to Playing it safe on the railways of Russia

  1. Must admit I’ve done a bit of walking across the tracks on the railways of Poland.

  2. Evan says:

    Easy to see how this is the home of the World’s Craziest Dash-Cam Videos™.

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