Moscow Metro train depots

Every railway needs somewhere to store and repair their trains – and the Moscow Metro is no different. On my visit I travelled past one of these facilities – the электродепо (electrodepot) at Фили (Fili) on the Filyovskaya Line.

Looking across the Moscow Metro depot at Фили (Fili)

A spare carriage was parked outside the shed.

Elderly 'E' type metro carriage parked in the Moscow Metro depot at Фили (Fili)

And a long ladder of tracks links the shed to the mainline – forcing the third rail that powers each train to swap sides multiple times.

Third rail power supply switching sides at the yard throat

While in a separate siding a collection of track maintenance machines was parked, awaiting their next job.

Track machines parked at the Moscow Metro depot at Фили (Fili)


As of 2016 there are 16 depots serving the Moscow Metro, with six more either planned or under construction on new lines. Russian language Wikipedia also has an article on Электродепо.

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