Named trains of the Moscow Metro

I only spent a few days in Moscow, but in that time I still managed to find a number of Moscow Metro trains wearing commemorative liveries.

'Red Arrow' liveried Moscow Metro train arrives

The first was the “Red Arrow – 75 years” train, which features a special red and yellow livery.

Special livery for the 75th anniversary of the 'Red Arrow' train

Launched in October 2006 in honour of the 75th anniversary of the Moscow-St Petersburg “Red Arrow” train, the set was damaged in the 2010 Moscow Metro bombings, but re-entered service on 15 May 2010.

Special 'Red Arrow - 75 years' livery on a Moscow Metro train

I also came across the «Народный ополченец» (People’s Militia) train.

Type 81-717/714 train on the Moscow Metro returns to the surface

Launched in November 2006, the train features the standard blue and write livery seen on the rest of the type 81-717.5 / 714.5 train fleet, but with special stickers on the side, commemorating the ‘Great Patriotic War’ of 1941-1945.

Special «Народный ополченец» (People's Militia) livery on a type 81-717/714 train

And the final train I found was Ретропоезд «Сокольники» (retrotrain “Sokolniki”).

Replica of the Moscow Metro's first train arrives into Библиотека имени Ленина (Biblioteka Imeni Lenina)

Unveiled in 2010 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Moscow Metro, the train was specially built by manufacturer Metrowagonmash as a replica of the trains that operated in Moscow back in the 1930s.

Replica of the original 1934-vintage Moscow Metro train in service

The exterior is painted in brown and tan.

Replica of the first Moscow Metro train in public service

A yellow interior.

Onboard the replica of the first Moscow Metro train

Reproduction wallpaper inside the saloon.

Reproduction wallpaper onboard the Moscow Metro replica train

Old fashioned sprung seats.

Even the seats are replicas - old fashioned springs and lots of lumps!

And the State Emblem of the Soviet Union on the side.

State Emblem of the Soviet Union (featuring hammer and sickle) on a replica-1934 Moscow Metro train


A complete list of Named trains of the Moscow Metro can be found on the Russian language Wikipedia – a total of 11 trains are currently in service, along with 12 retired themes.

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