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Overcrowding on the Bucharest Metro

As I travelled across Europe, I spent plenty of time exploring the metro networks of each city I visited. I’m not sure how I did it, but I managed to avoid the overcrowded peak hours, at least until I visited Bucharest – capital of Romania.

Passengers squeeze their way out onto a crowded platform Continue reading

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Staying the night at Brasov railway station

When arriving into a new city late at night, the last thing you want to do is traipse all over town in an attempt to find your hotel. I found myself in this situation when travelling to the Romanian city of Brașov, but my solution didn’t quite work as well as planned.

Street frontage of Brașov railway station Continue reading

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Budapest to Bucharest by train

Our rail journey from Budapest in Hungary to Bucharest in Romania was a long one, because we made a pit stop in Transylvania to see Dracula’s Castle. So what did we see along the way?

Spooky castle on the hill Continue reading

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