Maintenance vehicles of the Budapest tramways

Tramway operators need a fleet of special vehicles to keep the tracks and overhead lines in good working order, and the city of Budapest is no different.

Ganz CSMG2 tram #1341 passes Buda Castle

It was on my visit to the Budapest Cog-wheel Railway that I stumbled upon the Városmajor depot, where local transport operator BKV stables their fleet between jobs.

Tracks leads from the street into the depot

First up I saw what looked to be an overhead line maintenance truck – it had ‘Üzemzavar Elhárítás’ on the side, which translates to ‘breakdown recovery’.

'Üzemzavar Elhárítás' truck for the Budapest tramways

And on a nearby track was this odd looking contraption – an open sided wagon with a control cab at one end, and a pantograph on the roof. Some form of works wagon perhaps?

Open sided works wagon for the Budapest tramways


Details of the BKV tram fleet can be found at the Tram-hiker’s guide to Budapest – but unfortunately it doesn’t cover works vehicles in much detail.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Wow, we too travelled on the cog railway to get to the Childrens Railway in Budapest.

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