Leaking roof at Budapest Nyugati pályaudvar

Budapest’s Nyugati pályaudvar (western railway station) is one of three rail termini in the capital of Hungary, and to my eye the grandest.

Street side of Budapest-Nyugati pályaudvar

Step inside and there is an ornate booking hall.

Main booking office for Hungarian trains

The main train shed is also quite a sight, except for the fact that it leaks!

Leaking roof at Budapest-Nyugati pályaudvar

Puddles form on the platform.

Pair of MÁV Class V42 electric locomotives at Budapest-Nyugati pályaudvar

With carriages being covered with rain.

Hungarian passenger carriages under the train shed

And passengers dodging the wet.

Budapest-Nyugati pályaudvar and a Hungarian passenger train

I hope you brought along an umbrella!

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2 Responses to Leaking roof at Budapest Nyugati pályaudvar

  1. Andrew says:

    Is that the station designed by Eiffel? I saw the Eiffel station from the outside and I don’t think this is it.

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