Vienna to Budapest by train

For me the train journey from Vienna, Austria to Budapest, Hungary was the most boring one of our trip across Europe – the reason being the lack of daylight for spotting passing trains!

A lone 'Cargo' wagon stands out

Our train was an ÖBB ‘Railjet’ service, that departed from Wein Westbahnhof – Vienna West Station.

ÖBB 'Railjet' train led by driving trailer 80-90.722

The train departed just before 4 PM, but the sun was already starting to set.

Stabled ÖBB Class 1142 electric locomotives 1142 630 and 1142 672

At least there were plenty of locomotives to look at out in the station yard.

ÖBB Class 1116 electric locomotive stabled in the yard

We passed over the top of the U-Bahn, as we continued west out of Vienna.

Passing over the top of U-Bahn line U4 at Unter St. Veit station

Inside the train a screen displayed our current location, as we made a big loop around the city.

GPS location map onboard an ÖBB 'Railjet' train

We made a short stop at Wien Meidling station.

ÖBB Railjet service arrives into the opposite platform at Wien Meidling

But sped through Wien Hauptbahnhof – now Vienna’s main station, but back in 2012 it was just a construction site.

Speeding past Wien Hauptbahnhof

Only 20 minutes after our departure, the light was really starting to fade.

Passing an ÖBB Class 5047 DMU

Rail freight yards to the east of Vienna streaked past.

Passing freight wagons in the southern suburbs of Vienna

But as darkness fell, I had to put my camera away.

Empty rail sidings outside my window


I left my GPS data logger running during the train journey – here is the resulting track log.

Travelling from Vienna, Austria to Budapest, Hungary by train

Since December 2014 Wien Hauptbahnhof is now the main station for Vienna, with ÖBB Railjet and Deutsche Bahn ICE services now operating out of the completed station via the Lainzer Tunnel, instead of Wien Westbahnhof as previously.

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