Bilingual directional signage on the Kiev Metro

On my visit to Kiev, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get around the city via the metro network – the key being the well designed directional signage.

Train arriving Khreshchatyk (Хрещатик) station on Line 1 of the Kiev Metro

The majority of signage was bilingual – featuring Ukrainian and English.

English and Ukrainian signage outside Arsenalna (Арсенальна) station

At platform level, more bilingual signage indicated which direction which train to catch for a given station.

Bilingual English and Ukrainian directional signage at Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Майдан Незалежності) station

And then on each platform, signs on the opposite wall list every station from here to the end of the line.

Directional signage at Arsenalna (Арсенальна) station

Each line has a different colour – red, blue or green – and each interchange station lists the stations to be found on the relevant line.

Directional signage at Sviatoshyn (Святошин) station on Line 1

Finally, once you board the train screens on the carriage roof announce each station – in both Ukrainian and English.

Onboard digital display indicates the next station

An interesting feature of the next train display is the image – each station on the Kiev Metro has a different design, so a photo of each station is displayed along with the station name!

Onboard display announcing the next station of Poshtova Ploshcha (Поштова площа)

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