A flying visit to Rostov-on-Don

While headed from the Ukrainian capital of Kiev to the Black Sea resort of Sochi, we had to change trains in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don.

Укрзалізниця (Ukrainian Railways) and РЖД (Russian Railways) trains at Rostov-on-Don

It was right on dinner time, yet we couldn’t find anywhere in the railway station selling hot food, so we headed across the road to the автовокзал (bus station).

Welcome to the автовокзал

The first place we tried was a pizza shop, where they sold reheated pizza by the slice – one piece was enough for me to look elsewhere!

Next door was a fast food restaurant called ‘Кантри Чикен’ (Country Chicken) so we gave them a go.

Outside the 'Кантри Чикен' (Country Chicken) shop

They had beer on tap.

At 'Кантри Чикен' (Country Chicken) you can also get beer with your fast food

But their choice of branding was bizarre.

Outline of Australia features on the 'Кантри Чикен' (Country Chicken) wrappers

Since when does anyone associate Australia with a KFC-style fried chicken ‘Twister‘?

Chicken wrap and french fries from 'Кантри Чикен' (Country Chicken)

The Australian theme continued through the restaurant, such as this novelty plaque on the office door.

'Laughter Australia' plaque on the office door at 'Кантри Чикен'

With our stomach full, we walked through the freezing cold back to the railway station, passing a model KTM-19 tram on the way.

Rostov-on-Don tram #076 on route 1, outside the main railway station

Our train eventually arrived, and we wandered down to our carriage.

Russian Railways class ЭП1М electric locomotive ЭП1М-523 arrives on a passenger train

Given it was Christmas Eve, we decided to fork out the extra money and book a first class sleeping berth just for ourselves, instead of taking the chance on a cheaper four berth compartment.

Boarding the train, our first class compartment ready for our night crossing Russia

More on Кантри Чикен

According to their corporate website, there are over 450 ‘Country Chicken’ outlets around the world, located in Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, United Emirates, Russia and Fiji, with around 30 of them located in Russia.

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    “Country Brand Group

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