Stationmasters on guard across Romania

As I travelled by train across Romania, one thing stood out to me – the stationmaster on guard as we rolled through each station.

Stationmaster at Curtici watches our train depart

It was a cold and grey winter, and there they stood in their red hat and black coat.

Stationmaster at Ghioroc also watches our train pass by

Even with a light dusting of snow on the platform, there they stood.

Stationmaster at Radna watches our train pass

As the snow grew deeper, they had to clear a path between their office and the tracks.

Romanian stationmaster watches our train roll past

But there they were, with their hand lamp at the ready to flag down trains.

Female stationmaster at Buşteni watches our train depart

As we headed deeper into Romania, so did the snow.

Stationmaster at Buftea out to see our train pass

When snowdrifts now started to pile up, the stationmaster might just stick their head out of their office door.

Stationmaster at Putna Seacă sticks their head out into the snowstorm

But even blizzards didn’t stop them.

Stationmaster at Pufeşti takes shelter beneath the verandah, while watching our train pass

Roll-by inspections – a relic of the past, or an important safety practice?

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