Admiralteyskaya – Saint Petersburg’s deepest metro station

Continuing on my theme of the world’s deepest metro stations, this time I visit the second place holder at 86 metres below ground – Admiralteyskaya in Saint Petersburg.

Mural at platform level at Admiralteyskaya (Адмиралте́йская) station on Line 5

Construction of the Line 5 metro that passes through the station site commenced back in 1987, but it took until 1997 for the first trains to run. The station platforms sat unused for a number of years, as no acceptable location for the ground level exit could be found in the densely populated streets of Saint Petersburg. In 2007 work restarted, the decision having been to acquire an apartment building to make room for the station exit, with work being completed in 2011.

We start our journey down on the platform level.

Bilingual signage in Russian and English on the Saint Petersburg Metro

At the far end beneath a stained glass window is a bank of four escalators.

Escalator incline meets the platform at Admiralteyskaya (Адмиралте́йская) station on Line 5

Only 25 metres long, these escalators are only the first stage of the climb out of the station.

First set of escalators leading out of the station

The next stage is a level ‘u’ shaped passageway.

Passageway between the two consecutive sets of exit esclators

Decorative mosaics are located above a set of fire doors midway along.

Another maritime themed mural

At the end of the corridor is the main flight of escalators, 125 metres long and leading up to the surface.

Booth for the escalator attendant at the bottom of the incline

Advertising panels as well as upwards facing lights provided a vertical reference point while making the long ascent.

Looking up the 125 metre long escalator to the surface

Finally, we reach the surface, where the station entrance has been integrated into a rebuilt apartment building.

Street level entrance to Admiralteyskaya (Адмиралте́йская) station on Line 5

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