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Ukrainian Railways clearing the snow

Ukraine has bitterly cold winters, so keeping snow off the railway tracks is a big job.

Yet another snow clearing crew at work on the Ukrainian Railways Continue reading

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Supermarket shopping in Russia

During my visit to Russia, I spent a number of days at the same place in Saint Petersburg, so I hit up the local supermarket for some provisions.

'хлопья Завтраки' (breakfast cereal) aisle in a Russian supermarket Continue reading

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Russian retailers advertising their nearest metro station

During my trip to Russia I discovered something I haven’t seen elsewhere – advertisements for retailers, where each store has the nearest metro station listed.

Onboard advertisement list the Metro stations to reach the store in question Continue reading

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Shopping at Ulmart – Russia’s answer to

Ulmart (Юлмарт) is a Russian retail chain selling computer hardware, digital and consumer electronics. Open 24 hours a day, each store is nothing like a retail store in the West, as I discovered when I visited one of their stores in Saint Petersburg.

Юлмарт (Ulmart) store in Saint Petersburg Continue reading

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