Oddball warning signs on the Russian Railways

When travelling across Russia and you don’t understand the language, then any warning sign you see takes on a different tone.

This one translates to:

Route used by high speed trains.
Accessing the tracks is prohibited”

«опасно» - warning sign for the high-speed Sapsan train

This Bill Murray look-alike is warning passengers:

Beware of the train! Do not stand at the edge of the platform.

«Осторожно,поезд! не стойте края платформы!»

As for this woman straight out of the the 1980s doing some aerobics on the railway station platform:

Take Care of Your Life! Do Not Jump Off The Platform!

«берегите свою жизнь! не прыгайте с платформы!»

This dodgy looking man with the little girl warns passengers:

On the platform, do not leave children unattended!

«находясь на платформе, не Оставляйте детей без присмотра!»

This must be a problem in Russia, as this sign points out:

Don’t leave children unattended

'Don't leave children unattended' sign at a Russian railway station

Finally, this sign isn’t a warning at all:

Bon voyage

'счастливого пути' from the Russian Railways

It was located at the boundary of the ‘Северо-Кавказская железная дорога’ (North Caucasus Railway) division of the Russian Railways, on the shores of the Black Sea.

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