Sochi and the multidimensional theatres

Sochi is a popular resort town on the Black Sea coast of Russia, and like anywhere tourists flock to, so do the gimmicky tourist traps.

Last rays of sun fall on Приморская ул. (ulitsa Primorskaya)

The first novelty I found was a 3D motion simulator.

Venturer '3D Motion Theatre' awaiting punters

Competition for the tourist dollar must be high, as down the road another theatre operator added two more dimensions to draw in the punters.

Why pay for 3Ds, when you can visit the 5D theatre!

The game of one-upmanship continued a short distance along the promenade, where a total of seven dimensions were offered to prospective patrons.

7D кинотеатр (theatre) on the Sochi waterfront

That must have thrown down the gauntlet, because across the street the management of this «Интерактивный кинотеатр» (interactive cinema) threw another dimension into the mix.

Why have 7Ds when the 8D theatre is right across the road?

But to be “super real” you need the ninth dimension in your cinema.

Why settle for less D's - visit our 9D 'Super Real Cinema'


All of these ‘cinemas’ I found in Sochi played low budget 4D films – a 3D film with physical effects such as rain, wind, smoke, smells, strobe lights, and vibration that are synchronised with the film itself.

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