Journey to the world’s deepest metro station

On my trip to Europe I paid a visit to the world’s deepest railway station – Arsenalna (Ukrainian: Арсенальна) on the Kiev Metro in Ukraine. At 105.5 metres below ground, the trip back to the surface takes some time! The odyssey starts at platform level, when you step off the train.

'Арсенальна' station name on the tunnel wall

A trio of escalators lead up to the surface.

Three esclators heading up to the surface

For the world’s deepest Metro station, the escalator ride doesn’t seem much longer than the other ones I encountered on the Kiev Metro…

For the world's deepest Metro station, this escalator doesn't seem much longer than the other ones in Kiev...

So I was surprised to reach the top in just two minutes.

Reaching the top of the escalators

But little did I know – this was just the midpoint of the climb!

What do you mean: another set of escalators to reach the surface?

Time to step onto the second set of escalators to climb the next 50 metres to the surface.

Arsenalna (Арсенальна) station is so deep, two sets of ~50 metre long escalators are required to reach the surface

With such a long ride to the top, there is no point in standing to one side to let other people through.

No point running up these massive escalators!

I finally reached the top level concourse five minutes after leaving the train.

Five minutes after leaving the train, we're finally at the surface!

Finally – the surface!

Entrance to Arsenalna (Арсенальна) station

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6 Responses to Journey to the world’s deepest metro station

  1. Adrian says:

    Great pics!
    Do you know why the platforms are so deep? Is this one of many in Kiev/Moscow metros?

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