Welcome – I’m back home!

Finally – I’m back in Australia after my month long trip to Europe. In that time I passed through six countries, ten cities, three rail gauges and 15 rail operators – but how many photos did I take?

One month: 8,898 kilometres of rail travel!

The answer is 19,856.

In the month time I also travelled 8,898 kilometres by train as the map above shows – I started in Frankfurt Germany, then heading to Vienna in Austria, Budapest in Hungary, Brasov and Bucharest in Romania, Kiev in Ukraine, and finally the cities of Sochi, St Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow in Russia.

For comparison the Ghan is 2,979 kilometres, the Indian Pacific is 4,352 kilometres, and the Trans-Siberian Railway is 9,289 kilometres.

Other than uploading the photos to Flickr, detailing my adventures in photo essays on this blog is still to come.

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